Ready! Fight!

Sometimes the best way to test your enemies is to pit them against each other. We made a small test scene and simulated 1 on 1 matches between two different wolf enemies. And every time we ran the scene we got a different outcome! That’s all for now! -Vampire Twin

Gif Share Vol. 1

Wanted to feature a post on the overall progress of our game, through various gifs of the mishaps, happy accidents and neat features we’re starting to build each time! 🙂 Some key pieces we’ve been working on are enemy behaviour trees (which is essentially a set of directions for how the AI should behave), player…

Gothic Desires

I was having a thematic crisis with our game last week. I got hopelessly lost scrolling through a tumblr page chock full of 1980’s Dungeons and Dragons art. There’s something about these illustrations really pulls me in. They feel novel. I’m not sure if it’s the fidelity of the facial expressions, or the detailed textures.…